Online business is hard. There are so many factors that need to happen to make it run smoothly. One of the first things is realizing that your website is a marketing tool.

And this tool needs to be set up to make you money. Yes, it needs to look pretty but the main goal is functionality and conversions.

If it is not working for you then you need a strategy; but not just any strategy – one built specifically with your target audience in mind. A strategy that works.

So instead of:

  • Thinking that your website should already be converting, we dive deep to figure out why it is not converting into sales and/or subscribers.
  • Asking your visitors to do multiple things on every page, we narrow down each page to have one particular purpose.
  • Being too shy to ask for the sale, we figure out where and how to provide your offers. hint, you’re probably not asking often enough or at all.
  • Thinking that you can create a website and forget it, we come up with a marketing strategy that is easy and actionable developed specifically for you.

How many times have you sat down and tried to figure this all out?

More times that you probably want to admit. After all you still need to do the work for your clients so taking the time to figure out allofthethings like::

analytics, SEO, site map review to make sure that the site is moving visitors through the site appropriately, reviewing page layouts to maximize conversions, determining marketing priorities to raise awareness of the target market effectively, reviewing and setting up sales funnels and email welcome sequences, etc


Step 1: Monthly calls to gather information and work through the research, goals and results.

Step 2: Implementation of the recommended changes, modifications or additions.

Step 3: Get the results you’ve been looking for in sales conversions and/or email subscribers.


…for the next three months we will review your target audience, discover your marketing priorities and determine a strategy for the most effective results. We will analyze everything – your funnels, the overall performance of your website including analytics, SEO, and page structure. Then a custom strategy for moving forward will be created and implemented.

Just. Like. That.

Are you in?

Let’s strategize.


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