I’m Rita and I work with business owners who desperately want a brand that converts. I help them look and feel completely confident about being online so they can make more money and have more time to focus on what matters.

My strategy is to help my clients understand that a brand is more than just a logo and color palette but is a representation of your business and it needs to effectively represent what you do. I not only create unique brands, I teach my clients how to successfully grow their business.

The things I love

Midday workouts

What Others Say

We needed a super-quick turnaround on TWO sites – one was essentially a full build of a sales page and one was a hardcore tweak of another, and Rita came through flawlessly. I loved, loved, loved how Rita was clear in her communication, anticipated the freak outs we would have given our timeline, and always stayed in touch with a reassuring attitude. She knows her stuff technically, but also has a great heart! Always a win in my book.

Nisha Moodley


I haven’t just hired Rita once. I’ve hired her twice and will continue to do so. There is no better compliment than repeat business and every time I work with Rita, it just gets better and better. Her turnaround time is excellent. Her communication is amazing. Her support is unmatched. And she literally brings your vision to life. I was so proud of our work the first time we worked together, but this time, I am completely floored! Thank you, Rita for bringing this dream to reality. I couldn’t have done it without you!!

Megan Hale


I hired Rita to help me take my fledgling business and transition to a business that was optimized with automation, a website I am proud of, a plan for my client offerings and experience, and earning an income. I have gained so much confidence and direction. I can completely see that my dream is doable.

I would recommend Rita to anyone with a business in any stage who wants more clarity, direction, branding or a new website.

Jennifer Singh, MD


My story


Introduction to Design

While working in a corporate real estate office in southern California, I was put in charge of marketing.


First Clients

After having my two boys and taking time off, I returned to corporate but couldn’t walk away from online business so I started working with a few clients on the side.


Took the Leap

Ready for a change, I picked up and moved from southern California back to Ohio in order to start my business.


Back to California

After two years in Ohio and getting to work with some amazing clients, a few personal events drove us back to California.


Home in Ohio

What was meant to be a visit, turned in to divorce and relocation. This also opened up some clarity on what I wanted to do. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth it.


What I discovered

Finally feeling completely clear on the direction, services, offers and target audience, my business is getting the results I wanted because of my focus on strategy.

Let's work together!